Graphic & interactive design // Santander, Spain.

You talkin' to me?
Well, I'm the only one here...

Here is the story:

I am a musician but me and my dogs need to eat fresh food once in a while, so I've been creating, building, rebuilding again, stealing, and even ruining (most of the times that was someone's second brilliant idea of the morning...) interactive things since 2001.

That includes websites, mobile interfaces. e-shops, guided visits, visual presentations, somachineguns and even some games (I still don't know how I could finished that thing, really).

Also, as graphic designer, I've made lots of posters and album covers of rock bands.

now... You talkin' to me?


Here are some examples

Just a few, unordered. If you are interested on more, please, feel free to ask. Some of these works were developed working at Planilandia or Pizzicato Estudio Gráfico.

website LP COVER LP COVER website website website website poster App App LP COVER website


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Phone: (+34) 633 587 577


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